impressionistisc Anneke Kimmel (1932-2018)

impressionistisc Anneke Kimmel (1932-2018)

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Art title: Impressionistically silent with apples

Artist: Anneke Kimmel

Period: (1932-2018)

Technique: Oil

Autograph: Hand Signel

Canvas Size: 40x50cm

Overall Size: 42.5x52.5x3cm

Anneke kimme is a well-known and eccentric artist in hesden. She is distinguished by her Impressionism and unique style. In her works, images are not objective records of reality, but the most important is subjective and personal perception, which is the guiding aspect. The combination of atmosphere, color and light makes her work unique. She mainly focuses on Impressionist still life painting and oil painting portraits, as well as watercolor painting

Anneke Kimmel has held exhibitions in various international galleries and museums in the Netherlands and Belgium, London and New York.